Faith and Solar


Wisconsin Faith, Environmental Justice and Solar Initiative

2022 Solar Training with Wisconsin Green Muslims & Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Rise Up Training Scholarship - WGM Handout

We provide FREE or discounted desktop solar assessment, computerized solar assessment, and on-site solar assessment, and are available for presentations, consultations, discussions about the Wisconsin Faith, Environmental Justice and Solar Initiative.

We demonstrate how solar energy can bring people of faith together to care for Earth -our common home- and save money to reinvest in their missions. Join us at an upcoming Faith, Environmental Justice and Solar presentation.


As of now, we reached 8,000 people of 19 different faiths and spiritualities through giving more than 200 Faith and Solar presentations and related events and activities.


Contact Information:

1836 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Suite 1, Milwaukee, WI 53205

Text: 262-365-4532